About Us

We raise our glasses to everyone who puts on nursing scrubs and goes to work. Usc Creations is the leader in custom scrub caps. Usc Creations was founded by healthcare professionals who understand the nursing profession's high pressure and fast pace. When you're this busy, bring your life into your workplace, not your work home with you.

The Scrub Shop

USC Creations is your one-stop-shop for nursing uniforms and healthcare worker clothing for on-the-clock and after hours.

Healthcare professionals work long, hard hours. The job is demanding on your body and your uniform. This high demand placed on the scrubs uniform is why Usc Creations combined the best comfort, durability, and easy-care cleaning for their line of nurse scrubs and hospital scrub tops. Ergo, you're sure to love the style and comfort of your Usc Creation's scrub cap or medical uniform for a very long time.

When you're off the clock, we want you to be proud of the profession you've chosen. We couldn't do it without you. So, we have designated a selection of fun nurse T shirts, baseball caps, drinkware, nursing decals, gifts for a nurse, and more for your after-hours fun. Show pride in your work in a variety of nursing products, gifts, and clothing. Show off all your hard work.

Medical scrubs - it's what we do

We design medical scrubs to provide healthcare workers with a more comfortable solution. Our vast line of scrub hats come in men, women, and unisex styles, as well as consider both long and short hair. Contrarily, our Cherokee line of scrub tops provides a performance series of solid color workwear. Scrub tops are also available in both men's and women's scrub classic styles.

At Usc Creations, we focus on the long days of hard work and what features can make you the most comfortable throughout your shift. We understand that healthcare workers who have to wear a medical uniform want that uniform to be both beautiful and comfortable. You, as an individual, also have your specific style. Hence, we carry 100's of themes and designs to help you express yourself. We also offer personalization and custom designs on many of our high-quality products. We say stand up and show the world a scrub set that is unique to you. Let your personality shine.

Why we do it - serving healthcare professionals

We're proud to serve the healthcare workers who spend their valuable time and energy helping others.

Carolina McMurray, Owner & Founder of Usc Creations, worked for years in the medical industry. Usc Creations continues its legacy with the next generation of workers designing and creating beautiful nursing apparel for nurses, doctors, and all healing hands.

Scrub caps - a problem gone unfixed

Founder Carolina McMurray discovered while working in a hospital that there was a problem with scrub hats, and no one was doing anything to fix it. First and foremost, the disposable scrub caps were uncomfortable, itchy, and extremely unpleasant to wear. Their elastic bands are tight and become increasingly uncomfortable during the long hours that healthcare professionals work. As a female medical professional worker, she also had concerns about fashion in the workplace. After all, we all want to look our best, and being at work is no exception.

Carolina McMurray took on the role of setting forward to correct the problems. She researched fabrics and styles to create the best in fashion and comfort for the healthcare workers who give so much of themselves to the communities they serve. Carolina McMurray soon had the recipe for success to find the perfect formula for design, comfort, and durability.

Women and minority-owned businesses

We are proud to be a minority and women-owned business.

Family-owned and operated since 2012. What once began with scrub hats soon evolved. The business started looking for alternate options for nursing uniforms and nursing scrubs to include scrub tops and face masks. Usc Creations is honored to help medical professionals get nursing uniforms they can be comfortable in and enjoy.

Usc Creations supplies a medical uniform that empowers healthcare workers. Our goal is to revolutionize designs in medical apparel for a look and feel you'll love to wear. We celebrate generations of healthcare professionals. Our commitment is to provide a medical uniform with the best style and comfort. This uniform perseveres long days and hard work. We designed our products to help you live and perform your best and know you can look good doing it.

Nursing scrubs features

Usc Creations brings high-quality nursing scrubs at affordable prices. Living in comfort - with Usc Creations, you always get the best durable combination of superior ultra-soft cotton.

We use jersey cotton fabric or a cotton-polyester blend. These fabric combinations are soft and absorbent, so you stay feeling fresh and looking your best throughout the workday. Usc Creation's products are machine wash, easy to clean, and fashioned in the latest color, styles, and trends.

Usc Creations line of scrub hats and scrub tops has various special features available on select products. Some of the features your nursing scrubs may include are safety stitching, adjustable comfort fit straps, customizing options, pocket features, and color selection. We carry only the highest quality products.

Our renowned scrub caps photo custom design feature

Live and work inspired by what you love most. Usc Creations takes custom design to a new level with a custom photo feature on scrub caps.

With a quick download photo option, you can get a custom scrub cap with your favorite photo on it. Photos are heat-pressed vinyl print or embroidery. Custom scrub caps provide you with the inspiration you need to get through your day. Healthcare professionals working under the high pressure and high stress of the medical field love to have a small reminder of what's important to them. With a custom scrub cap, you'll work your day inspired by your favorite photos. You can customize your downloaded photo in a single print, multi-print, cartoon stylized, or embroidery. No matter what custom style you choose, your custom design continues to provide an emotional lift to your long days.

Nursing scrubs becoming a family business

Through the years, a business has grown. We recognize our humble beginning from making one singular scrub cap that the Owner, Carolina McMurray, wore to creating and sharing them with coworkers and friends. The scrub hats soon built and evolved into a business, and that start-up then grew larger still.

Hello, my name is Carolina McMurray. I am the founder and owner of USC Creations. My family has always come first to me. When my husband and I decided to start a family, we knew I would be a stay-at-home mom until my kids started school. After much thought, I decided to follow my passion and pursue a career in the medical field. I went back to school and became a Certified Surgical Tech (CST). I started working as a CST in 2008 at a local hospital. After a couple of years, I went ahead and changed jobs and started working at a surgical center. That is where the love for scrub hats began.

I started sewing my own scrub hats since I found the regular disposable scrub hats were boring and out of fashion. The scrub hats got noticed quickly. Coworkers began to request orders. It was not something I intended but something that inspired me. I started seeing my fellow healthcare workers in scrub hats I designed. The feeling was incredible. One day after many requests and selling to my coworkers, a coworker suggested selling them online. In 2012 UniScrubCaps was born, and my Etsy shop opened. In 2016, we incorporated embroidery and printing, and the business's name changed to USC Creations. At this time, my daughter Angie joined the company. Angie's expertise and eye for design have helped the company grow tremendously. Now, as head of production, she is always looking for what's new and trending for the industry. Bringing my legacy to become a family business is heartwarming.

After much thought and planning, we left Etsy in February of 2020 and launched our website www.usccreations.com. Even though COVID-19 made it a challenging year, we expanded our offerings to include face masks and personalized items like medical apparel, water bottles, and tumblers.

We have sold over 65,000 items. Our products are specially crafted and designed with excellent quality and you, our customers, in mind. We are proud to be a woman and minority-owned small business. Also, we are pleased to give back to the healthcare workers and the medical professional community that we live and work in.

Being active as a CST has given me the satisfaction of interacting with patients and making them feel secure and safe before surgery. It gave me the joy to see my coworkers wear our creations in and out of the OR.

We hope you love our nursing scrubs and other nurse-related products as much as we loved making them!